A Little About Us


Our company was founded with a simple purpose.

We wanted to take the approach with our clients the same way we do with a good friend. We wanted them to see that we're transparent: we want them to be comfortable talking with us. At the end of the day we want our clients to feel that we're giving them sound advice and a quality of service they would feel comfortable referring others to.


This is how we're making that happen.

We structured VITREON Group primarily as a virtual office environment. By trusting our people to be accountable and professional with their projects and giving them the tools to do that work effectively from any location, we’re able to meet our clients needs to ensure we keep the relationship going long after the first kick-off meeting is over – no matter where they are. Trust is the key word. We trust our people, and our clients trust us. Without that we can’t do what we do as well as we do. 


Who we are and what we do.

VITREON Group is a multi-disciplined company with decades of experience in AEC (Architecture/Engineering/Construction), Accounting, and Technology. Because of those years of unique experiences, we’re able to think a little differently. But it isn’t just our individual experiences that make us who we are – it’s our dedication and commitment to our clients and each other. VITREON Group is a culmination of dedication, compassion, creativity, and transparency for our client's needs.

Meet the Founders


Kirk N. Fosnaugh, CPA - Co-Founder/CFO

With over 30 years of experience in accounting and finance, Kirk has the knowledge, experience and commitment to ensure your accounting needs are handled professionally and accurately.


Adam G. Hoffer - Co-Founder/CEO

With over 15 years of experience in the Civil Engineering and Technology industries, Adam has the drive and focus to take your project from concept to completion while keeping your vision in constant consideration.